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Lose weight with chamomile tea Side effects Harvesting Chamomile facebook button you tube button twitter button Chamomile grows in the populated areas from all over Europe, Asia, North America and Australia. This miraculous plant blooms in early summer, towards the end of June. The chamomile tea benefits were used thousands of years ago in ancient Egypt where it was praised for its curative properties. In Europe, it has been probably used since around 1600 to treat back pains, rheumatism, neuralgia and nervousness. Many years ago, both in Europe and in the United States, this tea was used to lose weight, for the                                   treatment of states such as swoon and general anxiety. It can be used for: - sensitive stomach treatment - sensitive bowels syndrome - as a help for a smoother sleep - as a light laxative, it is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial - before going to bed, it is used for rinsing the oral mucous membrane. The studies have shown the following effects: - antispasmodic, - anxiolithic, - anti-inflammatory, - antimutagenic, - and to lower cholesterol. It can also be used for wound healing and to prevent cancer or to ameliorate diabetes. In order to prepare an infusion, two tea spoons of chamomille flowers are necessary for a tea cup, and the recipient should be covered to avoid the evaporation of oils. For the treatment of the stomach, it is recommended to drink a cup of tea ever morning before breakfast for a period of two or three months. If consumed constantly, the occurrence of resistance to the sedative effect can be seen. It is also beneficial in fighting fever, neuralgias, colics, gastro-intestinal spasms, nervousness, insomnias. If consumed before meals, it has a tonic effect for appetite. The benefits in the treatment of stomach problems:                                               - ulcers,                                               - acidity,                                               - nausea and vomitings,                                               - gastroenteritis,                                               - baby colics. It can be reliably used for treating colds, sleep disorders, nervousness, menstrual cramps (vaginal douches with camomille), allergic rhinites (hay fever), other allergies. For external use, prepare an infusion to treat your complexion and skin, more exactly the dry skin areas, psoriasis, washing and disinfection of mouth and wounds, red eyes, certain types of conjunctivitis, the treatment of certain plagues (favors mild scarring), hemorrhoids, face treatments, for beautifying hair, hiatal hernia. It is known for its benefits in relaxing the smooth muscle tissue. It can also help in relieving dental pains. Possible actions to improve health for:                                               • kidneys,                                               • spleen,                                               • heat strokes,                                               • skin eruptions,                                               • bronchitis,                                               • urinary bladder problems,                                               • parasites removal,                                               • it can improve liver functions and eliminate the jaundice,                                               • it can be used as cataplasm for swelling and pains,                                               • it can help in preventing gangrenes, can treat back pains. However, Chamomile tea benefits should not be used during pregnancy. In combination with Peppermint, it has the role to quell the smell of feet. It can also be used in relaxing baths to highlight the effects of aromatherapy.Specialists recommend the consumption of a cup during meals, the effects are visible within three weeks. The effects are more visible to persons who have a balanced diet and take daily exercise. Following more studies, the researchers consider that medicines manufactured on chamomile basis can be useful in treating hyperglicemia. Preparation and administration. The preparation process is very important. For a cup of tea you need two spoons of chamomile flowers. Bring the water to boil, and when it boils, add the flowers. Cover the recipient with a plate and leave it to infuse for ten minutes. Strain tea and consume it as such, possibly with a fresh lemon juice and a teaspoon of honey. If you don’t have  stomach problems, you can add the juice of a fresh lemon to every 500 ml of fresh tea. This further stimulates the cleansing and detoxifying process. It can be used in case of flu but drink 2-3 cups a day. Infusion inhalations have a great effect on the upper airways and sinuses. Infusion enemas can be used against irritable bowel. In the case of gingivitis, dental abscesses, stomatitis, aphthae, the infusion warm or at the room temperature is kept in the mouth for about five minutes, several times a day.In the case of tonsillitis gargle several times a day. For the treatment of leukorrhea make infusion douches several times a day. For cosmetic use - For dry and wrinkled skins apply compresses with infusion on the face. - For irritated and reddened skins apply a compress with infusion made of a spoon of flowers into a cup of boiling water, left covered for 30 minutes. - For greasy skins steam baths can be made with an infusion made of two teaspoons of flowers for a cup of boiling water. It treats insomnia Several studies on animals have shown that the essential oils of chamomile tea stimulates the occurrence of drowsiness. If you suffer often from insomnia, you have to just get used to having a cup of warm tea every night, half an hour before bedtime. It helps to detoxify  It acts as a mild detergent that cleans the intestines and purifies the blood. Besides a healthy diet, it is recommended to drink 500 ml of chamomile tea every day both on an empty stomach and at night before bedtime. It will not be easy to drink this amount, especially if you are not used to drink plenty of fluids, but you will get used in time. Cure against kidneys pains Put chamomile flowers into a cloth bag, warm it up and then apply the heated bag on the painful areas. Also, drink two cups of tea daily, but it should not be boiled, in order to keep the essential oils.  This could help you remove the accumulated toxins in the body, not to overload the kidneys. Good for scratches and burns This medicinal plant has healing effects and treats burns and scratches. Make an infusion of 100 ml water and eight tablespoons of flowers, and apply as a compress over the injury. Lose weight with chamomile tea If you want to follow the diet based on this medicinal plant, prepare yourself an infusion of half a lemon cut into pieces and a tea bag every night. Pour hot water, cover with a lid and leave it overnight. Strain the liquid and the lemon very well in the morning and drink it on an empty stomach. You have to repeat the same ritual in the morning, in order to have the cup of chamomile tea and lemon prepared before going to bed. During the day remember to take advantage of the benefits of the chamomile tea when you have to drink other two cups. This time lemon is optional. This diet should be continued at least for a week. Also, during this interval, try to adopt a menu based on raw fruits and vegetables, with as little meat and fat as possible. You will notice the results within a month. Known since ancient times for its therapeutic virtues, this tea can be rightly considered, an universal cure. Whatever the season, many of the problems can find healing in an ordinary cup of chamomile tea.
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