Chamomile flower

Rosehi Oil Propolis Benefits about natural products: thick line title text picture picture picture picture thick line tea cup picture picture picture Chamomile Tea Benefits Chamomile Flower Chamomile Oil Contact Us About Us Privacy Policy This herb is a small plant, reaching a height of 20-60 cm long branched leaves and 2-3 times with peat spectate, linear segments. The flowers are grouped in Globular terminals. Each edge is occupied by capitul white flowers, ligulate, females, and in the central region numerous flowers are hermaphrodite, tubuloase, golden-yellow colour, with five teeth and antroceul of five stamens with anthers overgrown. Receptaculul at the beginning of the chapter's plan becomes conical and blooming empty on the inside, what allows you to make really the flowers of Chamomile  harvested, species related and non-therapeutic properties.     Chamomile flower, called in some places, the array or Chamomile moruna, is one of the oldest and used herb. Grows everywhere, on the edges of the roads on the fields, besides houses. In some regions of the country is still hanging with herb Plains.   Chamomille flowers-Flores-containing volatile oil, blue color, which due to a principle called azulen and glicozid nature of flavonica (apigenina) antispasmodic, anestetic properties, disinfectants and anti-inflammatory.   Latest researches have proved that the shops of herb flower, remove tails and receptaculum, are the more active sitare than they.   This is because cells containing volatile oil is fixed only on azulen these small popcorn, stemming from the receptacle during stops the chapter's floral. Also, the content is higher in flavone in tubuloase than in those flower. Infusion is preparing one-two teaspoons of flower or entire shops that pour a cup of boiling water. Another method of preparation is the following: Mix one-two teaspoons in a half of a cup of cold water for 30 minutes. Fluid and filter are put aside. Pour over remaining flower half of a cup of boiling water and leave for 15 minutes. They filter it and mix both liquids. This procedure will withdraws most of the active principles in them.   For bathrooms, put in a small canvas bag a handful of flower-two, sprayed over which pour boiling water. So let up what normal bath the temperature of the body, then it is used for the purpose you want.In Burns, this herb may be used as oil, which is preparing the following: 10 g flower shops (two tablespoons) is wet with a tablespoon of alcohol. After a few hours, the content is added 100 g sunflower oil and preheat the water bath (a dish with water in the dish with chamomile) for 2-3 hours until the alcohol has evaporated. During that time, the oil mix is often required. They filter it and squeeze. The oil is obtained in colorful bottles and keep in a cool place. Some authors recommend  against headaches by 1 g with this herb, taken a few hours sprayed after meals.   These come in composition for cramps for adults and children, antiballistic, gastric, sudorific, gargle and various cosmetic product.   Thanks to a wide variety of active principles they contain, they have pharmacodynamic properties: anti-inflammatory, as many analgesic, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antihistamines, stomahice and cicatrization. title text © All rights reserved 2012  Lose weight with chamomile tea Side effects Harvesting Chamomile
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