Harvesting Chamomile

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facebook button you tube button twitter button Harvesting Chamomile One of the most known and used herb is chamomile, which is known in some places under the name of moruna or the matrix. It is a herb that grows everywhere, on the agricultural grounds, on roadsides, beside houses. The flowers contain volatile oil, of the blue color, which due to a principle called azulen and of a glycoside of flavone nature (apigenin) have the disinfectant properties, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and anesthetic. This herb blooms from May till in August, but sometimes flourishes and a second time in September. This period of prolonged blooming allow that harvesting to be carried out in several stages. It is good that it to take place only during dry weather, on the sunny days, at midday. But most important is to avoid the polluted zones, places where were used toxic substances, in near roads etc., because the lead and other harmful substances are taken up by plants and concentrates in flowers which thus become toxic. It is important to know that only open inflorescences, as well long tails should not be collected. Harvesting should be done when flowers majority have petals arranged horizontally. These to break with a tail no more than 2 cm. After collection the flowers are immediately put to dry in a well-ventilated and dry place, in the shade in a thin layer on paper or on a clean cloth. Should not be used printed paper, because the flowers can absorb toxic substances from the printing ink. The flowers do not have to sweat,  to make mildew or ferment. For this, they should be periodically turned away and must pursued are not darkened. The operation lasts one week. Then the flowers are kept in paper bags or cloth bags but not plastic or the glass jar order not transpire. They should not be kept for more than two years. recent articles: