Side effects to chamomile tea

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facebook button you tube button twitter button Side effects, interactions, risks and precautionary measures for chamomile Chamomile tea is one without caffeine, based on pure plant and is an excellent bedtime drink, being consumed widely in Western countries. Its role (if they are drinking before bedtime) is largely due to the effect of slight relaxation : acts as an easily relaxant without having the strong sedative effect. Furthermore, this herb has many healths benefits, few of them being knew. It is not only a popular tea from plants, but is also a powerful medicine with a potential to treat or prevent a number of diseases, among which is diabetes mellitus type II. It is widely available as a medicinal drink from the pure herbs, and this herb is also a common ingredient in herbal mixtures, as both a base herb as well as a secondary ingredient. It has a distinct flavor that is often described as an easy taste of  fruits. Tea may taste somewhat bitter, for this reason is sometimes sweetened with honey. Although rare, there have been cases of allergic reaction to this natural drink, including severe reactions. These can be caused by reaction "cross" with related plants. It is part of the composites family, the same family that contains marguerites, asters and a lot of flowers that can cause  allergic affections such as wormwood and rust. Though many people with allergies to this plant, can consume this tea without worry, people at risk of severe allergic reactions to plants of this family should be wary of any product that it contains this herb. Besides of allergic reaction, his activity as an anticoagulant is the worst side effect of this, because it contains coumarin (toxic substance). High concentrations of coumarin can be dangerous, coumarin is known to the modes of interaction with other anticoagulants, such as warfarin, interactions that can be life-threatening. This product should be consumed with caution by persons for whom anticoagulants are contraindicated. recent articles: